Art-Gazing #1, An Amazing Sea of People

Ahoy crew-mates and visitors alike. As I am building up and preparing this vessel for its on-coming berth I want to start its creative voyage off on a positive and inspiring note. 

Let us just take a moment out of our crazy days and enjoy the awe inspiring creative that already surrounds us. This Will be a simple and straight forward fun post. There are links and videos to a few things that get me really excited and energized. I will give a quick description to them and then let you enjoy.

First, A pirate themed kids bedroom! Right up my alley! Man, I gotta figure out how to make one of these. One of the many projects I will be sharing with you all in the future through this blog will be some children's books that i am developing so please know, my kids and I love this stuff!

Click here to see the rest of the awesome photos that go with this project and the site they are hosted in, Home DSGN

This is a video of a guy that could be a superhero as awesome as he is. This is Damien Walters and he is an acrobat!

Get your heart pumping!

I dont know if I would every do this but it still takes my breath away! Blow it up to full-screen and turn up the volume. I want to to almost taste the waterfall he flies by!

Musical soul food!

This is Taimanes Toccata. Just look at the energy and attitude of her talent. 
She loves what she is doing and she is goooood!

Who doesnt love to dance? Check these guys out. 
Gotta click cuz I am still learning how to embed non-youtube vids.


Now what will you add to this? 
What will fit your blank screen and fill your life. 

Go be inspiring and do inspiring things. 
The world needs more people that breath life and intelligence into it. 

Until next time my friends, best wishes for happy journeys!

Captain Dutz

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