Captain's Rant #1 - Organization and Writer's Block

Ahoy and welcome ta' the beginning of arrrr lit'le adventure!
This bee the first rant of many i'm sure!

I will be discussing one main topic with this first rant, my task list systems.

Before any real quest starts out, a true traveller needs a plan and a map. Nothing is different with what we face here and the the more important the task, the more important the preparation. To start, lets discuss a personalized system; your own task list. This is a very important topic with me expecially right now with this new blog being added to the mix of projects that I maintain. They are all very important to me so I needed to create a system to monitor all of their details and stay on top of the progress. 

As with anyone who knows me, I am a very visual person. A regular planner just won't do. I created a visual task sheet that I can write on that show a picture of the different projects with a list of its current work and a space to put the percentage of progress. This works for me but may not for others just take what would help you from it. 

With this task sheet I can write the little projects and check them/cross them out as I accomplish them so I see progress on a smaller scale as I reach the bigger goal. This is an important lesson I have learned from my friends at Paper Wings Podcast. I recently added a new tool to my organization system following the podcasts' latest episode, "The 5 Lies of Creative Block". In this excellent podcast they breakdown the logical path to dismissing and getting past creative blocks. They also mentioned a new, free cross-platform task management app called Wunderlist. I now have it on my iPhone and my home laptop and can sync everything with a single click. Between the written task list I have created and the new Wunderlist task manager app I believe that I have the best hold I have ever had on my little project shipmates. This will help me to track and move each one with more intent and I will also be able to add in more ideas on the fly. 

A blank copy of my task sheets are below if you would like a copy to help you out.

8.5 x 11 - Letter size

11 x 17 - Tabloid size

Please feel free to respond and let me know what kinds of systems you find useful and what way you may have modified them. That information may just save someone else a huge amount of time and long headaches.

My next post will discuss the mental and physical ways I directly prepare my mind and workspace for a project. How I begin my journey, just as we are doing here.

Till then me mateys, keep yee feet wet!

Captain Dutz

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