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Greetings Visitors!

This is an update to the first entry of the BLOG!

I have completed the Commemorative Contest Book for Paper Wings Podcast's first contest. This was created to be a gift for all of the entrants to walk away with and for fans to enjoy. I ask that you also enjoy if you would like. It contains an explanation of the contest and a forward by one of the hosts of the site and podcast, Lora Innes, creator of the web comic, printed and renowned story, The Dreamer.

This Commemorative Contest Book (<-- click to download) contains all of the entries, randomly gathered by section aside from the acknowledgment of the quote section winners. Both the forward and almost every entrants page has a link that "clicks-out" to their website so you can enjoy more of their art or contact them for hire. They created the content, I designed and constructed the book and the very last entry is my addition to the contest.

Note: The PDF is a 12MB file so I wouldn't suggest it for download to your phones. It is best seen on computers and tablets and looks even better if you view at "full screen." It is almost 100 pages of inspiring creativity.

Please enjoy and tell others of the awesome community of PaperWingsPodcast.com.

Take care me mateys and i'll see yee at the next post!

Captain Dutz

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