Captain's Rant #2 - My Goodness!

Ahoy visitors and shipmates!

I bid you my apologies that I have left ye to the tides! Been a duel of projects on my side of the ship!

Hello all!,

I know I mentioned that the next post would be my first, quick tutorial session but I have been crazed with the different projects I have been working on. Above is a little sketch I worked this morning and I just wanted thank you for looking in. This week I will to the first "Captain's Orders: Off With His Head!" head sketch tutorial and I will also be presenting a list of my current projects and links to art for them and away to follow progress. I just wanted you all to be able to tag along now that they are far enough along.

I need to check with my writer for permission to show any snippets of my big comic project because there are still legal points that need to be confirmed and checked off. I do believe that in all of his secretive awesomeness, he will allow a few vague pieces to be revealed!

Otherwise, I will be showing snippets and a bit of story for one of the children's stories that I am working on with the awesome collective team over at! They create and publish anthologies and the new one that I will be involved with is call "8 in Spaaaace!" Each of their anthologies consist or 8-12 page stories contributed by 8 main artists, hence the "8" in each title. More on this later and I really believe that you will fall in love the the Captain's characters and story.

Till later this week, the best be to yee!!!!!

Captain Dutz!

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