Captain's Rant #6 - Kodi the Starfish Art & Story Update - Page 8 colors almost finished

Ahoy Shipmates and visitors!

Here is a quick update to the progress of the Kodi the Starfish short story art. I have finished most of the little fixes to all of the line work and started to color the first page. Thanks to the help of my community friends over at, I have improved the digital painting quality dramatically. I have a few things to clean up on it and this page will be finished. 

With that, I will have the color foundation established to apply to the rest of the pages. I will keep you all in the loop at these progress. I apologize for being so infrequent but I wanted to show you the results of these efforts. 

Thank you all and I will post more soon!

Link to the rest of the contributors for this anthology is here!

My next regular Captain's BLOG! post should be, "Captain's Orders #2 - Waist-ed!" and that may be after I get some more progress posted for Kodi. 

Yo' Ho'!

Captain Dutz


Page now finished and here it is!

Thanks again for visiting!

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