Captain's Rant #8 - Kodi the Starfish Art & Story Update - Half Way, Yeah!

Ahoy All!!

Below is the progress for my Kodi Short Story! Whew, I was a hermit this weekend and never knew I could paint so fast! I am really relieved because with page 8 being finished early on and now pages 1-4 being completed, that leaves only 3 pages left to paint and I can put this one in the books!

Here is the downside. The Illopond puts out these awesome anthologies and as a branding protocol they contain 8 main stories from contributors. We hit a hiccup when one of the contributors went off the grid but the awesome team came up with a creative solution. We were going to turn the 8th story into a special  story and then.. we had another person that popped up with issues and we haven't heard from them. That leaves 6 out of 8 still on and strong but that does not give us the 8 that is common to the Illopond brand. So, the solution is simple. We will delay the book for about a month and a half and pull two more from the pool of talent at the pond and get the book ready for the SuperNova expo in Australia (where the project lead is). This still gives us a chance for the exposure we want, just delayed to ensure that we have a quality product. This is the best way to hit the market. This also gives us the opportunity to plan a stronger, heavier hitting marketing plan including a youtube video!

So, I will hopeful be able to finish this short story up by the end of the week and still keep to the old deadline just so I can get back to other projects. I still need to spend time with my writer to get the final touches process for the comic submission and I need to  get back into working freelance gigs. Also, I would like to get back to creating quality content full of epic awesomeness and learning for you, my great shipmates and visitors!

Without further a-due, here are the cover and first 4 pages of the short story, Kodi the Starfish, Home Again!


Page 1

Page 2 

 Page 3

Page 4

I will check in soon with new art and info and I will be back on with another Rant in a few days posting some sketches because I have pulled out my sketchbook again! Oh, another thing that is exciting is that I will be doing 3 speaking events at my son's elementary school at the beginning of the month for career day! This is the first time that I have gotten an opportunity like this and I am hoping to get some student excited about the future that they could have as professional commercial artists. I will make a special post when I near this date with parts of the presentation and the handout that I will make for these 4th and 5th graders!

Till then, Best be to ya and I wish you the greatest of journeys!

Captain Dutz!

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