Captain's Rant #9 - Kodi the Starfish Art & Story Update - Page 5 Finished (mostly!)


Welcome to another Kodi the Starfish - Home Again Update!

Below is the mostly finished page 5 from the story and that just leaves me pages 6-7 to get finished soon.
The original deadline of the book had to be delayed because another contributor (that would be #7 of the 8 needed) had to drop out. Now, this is a normal situation with collaborations that consist of a good sized group. We had a creative way to add an 8th story ourselves when the 8th person dropped out but having another was just too many out to meet deadline with a quality product. The project lead, Paul Gaggegi from Australia, opened the contribution offerings to the community again and there locally in Australia and got an overwhelming response! That lead to some great news that I will post later today here on the Captain's BLOG!

But now, onward to page 5!

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