Captain's Blog #6 - March Sketch Dump!

Well, Thar yee bee!

Me long lost sketches I tell ya!!!! (Waving fists like a crazy pirate...well, wow..fairly accurate, Ha!)

Ahoy me crew and visitors! This is my first sketch dump to The Captain's Blog and I wanted to come in with a  Boom (better than a BANG) shot from the bow of me sketchbooks n' loose parchments.

Below are some recent doodles and finished drawings that are not really current project related but still part of my creative exercises. Each list the content, credits and context so enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions or drop a comment if you'd like!

Pencil Sketches

Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, Property of DreamWorks Animation LLC.

As a character, I love the details and ideas built into the way they shaped him. Everything from his expressionful "ears" to his deep color and the fact that his fire is practically lightning. His many pieces build a big story behind him. The pencil art was made as a gift for my brother-in-law's family and their 2 year old son. He is obsessed with the movie and simply dragons in general. It is a blast to see how he lights up when seeing this kind of art.

Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics

Ghost Rider is probably the first anti-hero I faced when I was younger. I did not understand why he was the way he was but I knew he fought evil and that, to a degree, made him good. Visually, he has a stunning presence that is a perfect representation of the "show of character." At the very least, when you see him you are stricken with fear. That is one of his character's basic purposes; to his targets, he is to be feared. Great design executed well.

Birthday Drawing for Chris Oatley!

This is the man running from a T-Rex! Silly man, I guess he doesn't realize that the Rex is pre-occupied with the Triceratops. Well, eventually hell get it, he's bright!

This is a sketch I did for Chris' birthday in december of this last year. He is one of the two talented hosts ( Lora Innes is the other ) of my favorite comics and storytelling podcast, Paper Wings Podcast and a great character designer for Disney!! Check his site here if you want to be in awe of his art and teachings, yeah...I guess you could say I'm a fanboy! 

Pen Sketch

SteamPunkD Guard

This is just a quick doodle I did in my sketch book recently while waiting on a photoshop file to save ( yeah, it was a big one). I love to draw with a loose ballpoint pen when I can because I can let go of the perfectionism of erasing and just concentrate on the shape and overall look and feel. I worked up the logo for fun before I posted this. He would have been a fun character for the new Steampunk anthology #2 out of the Illopond if I would have had time but for now, he will wait in my "lightning box" until his next attack on my mind.

Alrighty me Maties!

I think that will do if for now! I will try to keep my doodle rants collected through the month and post one of these once a month just so you can see what goes on outside of the big projects on my desks.

Thank you all for visiting and check back soon! I will be posting the finished last page for the first short story of Kodi the Starfish!

Until then, May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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