Captain's Rant #11 - Kodi the Starfish Art & Story Update - Page 7 Finished (finally!)

Thar she blows, the final page be found!

My goodness all, it is finally here! The last page of the first Kodi the Starfish short story! It has been quite an adventure to get here and I thank all of those that have traveled with me on his first journey! I have one correction to make to the shape of the daddy Starfish and then it will be dunski!

Alright me Maties!! I will post soon with new information and links to to purchase this short story and the entire 8 In Spaaace! Anthology by!

I will also be posting some new news on my career day presentation for my son's school and new posts with inspirations and tutorials so keeps yer aye's peeled!

May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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