Captain's Blog #9 - April Sketch Dump!

Avast me Matey's!

Here is a quick dive into the Captain's current world with a new sketch dump and a listing of current project progress!


Here are some regular sketches compiled from either my little travel pad all the way to my legal pad for notes! I don't care what i draw on some times, as long as I get it out of my system! Ha ha!

Dr. Stahr, an upcoming character for the Kodi the Starfish.

Now this is new. I have been considering for a long time about going mostly digital in my illustration process. It is a huge time saver and it is easier to to fix mistakes and transition into the coloring stage directly afterward. My awesome wife also thinks that I will be successful at this style of illustrating and she knows my weaknesses so that is encouraging. This is also the same process that one of my favorite web comic artists, Lora Innes, uses and her work speaks for itself. So, to test out the process, I made the following two drawings in a two day period. Both were drawn straight into photoshop without starting on paper first. After working these digital sketches, I too feel that this would work for a great direction to take Kodi that still expresses my style but does so in a more modern and faster way.

My little buddy, a dragon.

 I think this is what I think Iron Man's butler would look like if he built one, Ha Ha!

Project stuff!

1. ) Kodi the Starfish contribution to's Spaaace book #2

     This is the second showing of Kodi following his debut in the first "8 in Spaaace" book from Illopond. I have now worked up the first layouts for the 8 page contribution to the anthology and those have been posted to Kodi's new art and story blog at so visit and take a look! They will undergo a bunch of changes in process from those layouts to the final production but I really enjoy showing people to process. Here is the thread to the whole project and here is Kodi's thread there too.

2. ) Secret Comic Submission

     My writer and I are very close to sending off the top secret, awesomeness submission of comic-dom!! Only time and timing will tell if it gets to go through a publisher and on to the comic book stands for you excellent visitors to seek and buy...but I will let you know if/when that happens! Exciting stuff!

Alright my friends and visitors, stay safe and keep being amazing! Till the next visit of the Captain's Blog,

May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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