Captain's Rant #12 - Updates & Plunder'n the Open Seas!

Ahoy Shipmates, Crew and Visitors!!!

Here is another quick rant to throw into the waters and swim with! 
I just have two things to tell ya about! 

8 In Spaaace #1 Anthology Update:

I have finally set myself up for my local, direct sales with co-workers, family and friends. I even worked up an ad and order sheet to help keep myself on track. Every book that they order through me is going to be $17 and I will autograph each section I worked on (my short story, the cover to the DIY comic and the Sketch Gallery that I designed)! Additionally, for those that want it I am also doing a Sketch Edition that will have a Kodi sketch on his cover with micron pens. Those editions are $22 but I may need to raise the price a bit more if I start doing really in-depth illustrations because they can take time. It is a blast and I am so glad that there are so many around me that are excited about this too. It has made this experience that much better!

Plunder'n the Open Seas:

This is just a fun way of saying that I am widening my network reach with two new professional communities. These are mainly networks and so I will not be as involved with them as my main communities, Paper Wings Podcast and Anthology8, but I am excited because I will be able to connect with other industry professionals, creatives and clients across the world! I love meeting & working with new people. It is what really make the creative industry special. Click on the captions of the image below and you can check out my profiles with those communities too! 

(Note: Dribbble is a "Show & Tell" site for designers and artist alike. It is a public viewable site with an invitation only membership system. Members are the only level that can show "shots" of their current projects. Currently I am a "Prospect" meaning that I am listed as a designer wanting to gain membership but awaiting an invitation from a current member. When I am accepted I will tell you all about it and how excited I am! I will also tell you about what ever member accepted me and share the love for that creative and his work.)

Alright my friends, I will have new content and updates for you soon on some of the crazed projects I have floating around! Until then...

Best be to yee' me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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