Captain's Blog #13 - Wow! The Captain's Blog's 1st Birthday!! 3000+ Pageviews and counting!!

Ahoy Shipmates, Crew and Visitors!!!

Wow!!! Do I have some  excellent news to pass on to you!!!!!!!

The Captain's Blog is now a year old and we have hit over 3000 page views in that time!! (Honestly i know probably 400+ of those are me during all of the design changes but still, this is awesome!!!)

I wanted to call this "Crazy off the port bow!" but that wouldn't have hit home like i wanted it to! OK, so along with the new of the blog's birthday, I have also been updated about the comic submission!

 The submission that I worked on with my awesome writer has now been sent out to the publishers!!! Here is a little piece of sketch cover art as a treat and teaser to all of you! 

Trust me, when you see whats going on here you'll freak!

Man, so many awesome things going on so I will run down the list in quick order!

     The news with the new Anthology team that I work with is that I finally have the "8 In Spaaace!!! #2" project thread started. I am also very honored to be able to say that I have all of the story spots filled! I am working with some really awesome creatives over here! They will soon have their new project threads started on the Anthology8 site so here is the thread for the project so you can check it out as they jump on!

     There are a lot of amazing things happening for the hosts of one of my favorite communities, Paper Wings Podcast! Chris Oatley has started his own online illustration and digital painting school called the Oatley Academy and We are all thrilled for him! As if that wasn't enough, Lora Innes is also writing and helping to produce a series of graphic novels that will correspond with an 8-part Civil War television mini-series that will come out summer of next year! Way to go Lora!!!! 

     With this increase of their workloads, the "Wing Leaders" as we call them, will be taking a break until some point in September. The community has voiced that they would like to find a way to fill in the gap of content until they return and I thought of a solution. Myself and many other community members create our own content for our personal sites so we can post to those as we work on them during the break so this leads me to a great starting point of the tutorial series I wanted to do called "Building an Epic!" I will have the first post up tomorrow and will have a link to it on the Paper Wings Podcast site. Yippie!

Kodi the Starfish
     A quick update to Kodi's progress is that I am working on going back to basics. I have spent so much time trying to work through issues with my digital drawing that I have faced new problems. I still need to fix proportions and shapes in the layouts and I now realize just how unfamiliar I am with the characters. This stuff is not easy and I now realize it. So, I changed my mindset. Though the end goal is to have the art being done all digitally, it is still ok for me to workout issues in real world. I was so stuck on trying to fix it in Photoshop and I did not realize how that was holding me back. I have printed out the layouts and will redraw the main shapes correctly on there, ensureing that the character's essence is captured right and the proportions are accurate. Then I will scan them back in, drop them into the background  and correct the digital line work back over them. I have also started doing a set of character studies/sketches for each of the main characters to practice drawing them more to increast my comfort level.

     This is a great solution to the problem of my digital transition and hopefully it can help some of you too!!

Ok peoples! That will end this post and I will be working on the Epic Tutorial today so be prepared!!!

Until then...

Best be to yee' me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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