Deck Monsters Sketch Series!

                        Ahoy Shipmates, Crew and Visitors!!!

     WOW!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally get to post these pieces up! These are based on inspirations I have been having lately by playing Magic: The Gathering with some coworkers and friends. I have been playing for about two months and as with many things, it gets my artistic and creative gears going. So, I started pulling out an awesome sketchbook I go from Walmart and started going nuts! Each original drawing took between 15 and an hour depending which piece and then I got giddy on the computer. I went into Illustrator and created the title type solution and borders that I then took into Photoshop and combined with a scan of the cardboard back of the sketchbook. I then pulled the images of the Mana (elemental symbols at the bottom of the art) and added those with effects into Photoshop. I then went crazy adding color effects and lighting giving thought to the mood and attitude of each element type and creature. 

     This was a huge amount of fun and I would like to actually send this to the games creators just so they can see what kind of geekery they helped to inspire!!!

     I really hope you all have fun looking these over and please comment if you have any questions about the content or creation process or if you are a fan of the game too and have a suggestion for more Monsters. I have at least two more thumbed out but will hold off on those until I finish the second short story for Kodi the Starfish, my all-ages book series!!

Thank you all for visiting!!

Captain Dutz

Just click on the first image and use your arrow keys to watch the magic!

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