1st Sketch Dump of 2013!!!

Ahoy Shipmates, Crew and Visitors!!!

Welcome to the first sketch dump of this awesome year! Thank you SO much for stopping by! I just have a few doodles to throw down and then will update you all on a few of the upcoming events in my creative endeavors. But first, onward to the art!!!!

Ok Crew, now on to some of the new tasks at hand. As you all know, I have been off line for a few months to take care of home, work and extra duties. I have been working on little things here and there but I have been continuing to keep my main goal of only having very few personal projects going on at once. I do not want to risk the quality of my work to overtaxing myself.

Well, in light of realigning my schedule, I have been looking back at my personal all-ages project, Kodi the Starfish, and trying to plan out my next steps. I was working with a small group of other artist to put together a new Space Anthology, but many of us became very busy with our own tasks and I still need to see where we all stand on that. I was lucky enough to get started with a few team members so I will try to catch you all up on that project as I learn more too.

I am very glad that my anthology entry is a second short story for Kodi because the work I have been doing can still be applied directly to the bigger story and project. As I have been getting back into the short story and considering the content of the larger, complete story, I realized that I have some preparation to do! As an illustrator, I never really learned to organize and craft ideas together as an astute writer would.

As I looked across the vast distance ahead of me, I came to the conclusion that I would need some tools. Following that realization, I thought this would be great to engage the communities of experienced artists that I have connected with to learn from their successes and failures and cut my learning curve down dramatically. I have now started to build my new "Toolkit" and will begin a closed discussion groups with my contacts to better adjust the tools. My goal is to create a product that can aid the "writer challenged" to capture, organize and then harness our ideas properly to create great stories. Then, we can do what we do best, take the written work and create awesome art from it to make our own comics and books!!

This is still in its infant stage but I will let you all in on some of the tools as they develop!!! Alright me Hearty's, I will be developing new material and content soon to share with you all and I will update you here and on Kodi's Blog as I progress!

Thank you all so very much for checking and for following along with the many crazed creative adventures on The Captain's Blog!

Best be to yee' me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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