Art QuickShots #1!

Ahoy all!

This is a new thing I am trying out where I am going to post some little screenshots or photos of the projects for the week in all of their insanity and variety. Honestly some weeks may be boring and others, like this week, wreak of ADHD.

I was all over they place between projects for both my professional job and my personal work.

So, I think it would be easiest and quicker (hence the name) to just post the images and then if you have questions about any of them you can just comment and I will tell you the story! This will help this neat little post happen quicker which will help me with what will hopefully be a weekly constancy.

This week's work ranged from everything from video (photo below courtesy of Chelsi Harris)and light animation work to some doodles getting my illustration bug out and then adding layered whites with opacity to try out the drawing controls with my Note3 and its stylus. Yeah, I'm a fan, lol!!!

Here is goes, the first QuickShot post!!


(Photo Curtesy of Chelsi Harris)


Whole lotta crazy so enjoy!!

Until then,

Best be to yee' me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Captain Dutz

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