The Artist in You, Keep your Creativity Alive

Ahoy there fans, friends and family!!!
What an amazing year 2013 has been!!

To end the year of 2013 off well and start 2014 with awesomeness, I want to tell you of an important lesson this year has taught me.

Your creativity is one of your lifelong companions and can be a best friend till then end.

I have been watching my family following the loss of one of my grandmothers a few months ago and it has reminded me of my own mortality, legacy and the wonderful life I have ahead of me. I am better for knowing her and I am blessed to have the family and friends that have been brought to me and I hope they understand that.

I have also come to a great realization. I want to encourage others to find and own this little gold nugget. We are all creative in some way. Yeah, sounds cliche, huh. I know there are others that are either very well schooled or practiced in their art be it performance or visual. I also understand that its hard to rationalize doing something when you don't think you are very good but here is the point; don't care if others think it is good! What matters is that your inner self gets to create something wholesome and the inner you gets to speak!

I know that I wont live forever but I can tell you that the essence of creativity is practically immortal. How many times have you gone to a museum and seen work that is hundreds of years old or current works by artists you may never meet. Does it impact you any less?

A few years ago I was frozen by a freeze (don't art jokes rock!) at a museum in Dallas, TX. It was a section from the upper part of building in Egypt. Created over 2000 years ago. I, Derrick Utz, living here and now was standing just a few feet away from a piece of rock chiseled by another artist 2 millennia ago. He was gone, his art was not.

This is part of my lesson. Art has the potential of immortality.

Secondly, creativity is a companion. I look forward to the hope that even unto my olden days, when I can actually use my age as an excuse for my forgetfulness, I will still be able to still create something some how. Even if its terrible drawings or non-sense music on pots and pans, I still want to create. My inner Dutz will still want to speak and if its possible, I would love to still talk to others about creating art just as I do currently.

My hope and what I want to pass onto you, is my desire that you find your inner creative and let it shine. Make something and enjoy doing it, even if it is not that "good". How good it is does not matter as much as you think. The most important thing is that you are giving your inner self an opportunity to communicate to the world and the chance to create a legacy. Even if what you create or your name are not remembered, if you affect someone else or inspire the work of others then you can know that you added to the world too.

Please don't mistaken what I say about being "creative." Some are great illustrators, others can create music and others still can make awesome costumes or put on a stage performance that entrances people. Many of you are capable of such feats and have never given yourself the chance. Still yet there are those of you who are great speakers or are skillful at solving your children's problems. Whatever way you can let that little lite inside out of you, do it and do it bright and loud! Create something amazing and then step back and realize that you too, are amazing.

Thank you
I want to thank you now for what you will create tomorrow.
I want to thank you for how your creations will effect my children and eventually, some person I have never met on the other side of our big floating rock.

Creativity is one of the tapestries that connects all of us, add your piece of thread to it. 

Write the story you want to read. Draw a silly face on the monster under your bed and make him laugh. Make the prettiest little Christmas cookies or the nicest PTA bulletin you can. No matter the result, just do your best and enjoy the process as much as you can. Your spirit will thank you, just as I do.

Now go. Be, Amazing

With all my love and appreciation for what you have made in me and will make from yourself,
my best be to you,
Derrick "Captain Dutz" Utz

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