Art QuickShots #2 !

Ahoy All!!

Just wanted to drop another set of quick shots here! Sorry its been so long since the last post of these but been a little crazy with an art contest, The Tiny Titan book work and stuff at home so I've been a little spread out! Blarg! I am having a totol blast though!

Now, on to the art!!!

1. A fun magazine cover parody for a church fundraiser. My coworker Mike Mitchell (LinkedIn Profile) is hosting the fundraiser and wanted to have fun with being the "MC" of the function. Chelsi Harris (LinkedIn Profile) took the photos and we played with different ways to "bring the funk!".

Here are the elements used.

Here was my final take on it!

2. Deadpool Art Contest. These are images of the building stages for creating my contest entry for a local coming book store called Collected! It was a blast and I won 3rd place! Awesome!

3. Sketch Dojo: After the day of voting for the Deadpool contest the Collected hosted a drawing event called Sketch Dojo where I was able to actually relax and talk art and the creating with other local artist! This was Great! I was able to have my awesome wife and very conversational kiddos there and it made a great night of all of it! Below is a sketch I made while I was there and I will have more from the next event in about a month!

Thanks a bunch to all of you!

I will try to jump on an post more new art and progress on my Tiny Titan book project soon!

Until then,

Best be to yee' me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys!

Captain Dutz

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