The Orc of Draenor - Process Art!!

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Well, things have been pretty good here, catching up on work with the The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling where I staff part time and once I am more caught up I will be jumping back on my first children's book.

Until then I work on little fun sketches a few times a week and that is what brings us to this post! It is Saturday night as I write this and on Thursday I started a sketch when I had a few minutes and it grew into a really neat piece. I have been inspired lately but some art friends lately (I will post links to them below) and also with the visuals I have seen in the new trailers for the new movie, "Warcraft." Here is the trailer for your enjoyment too!

It is based on an online game that was first introduced in 1994 by Blizzard Entertainment. Newer versions/expansions of the game are now called "World of Warcraft." It has grown to be one of the world's largest online multiplayer games and is rich with creative characters, races and locations. A ton of amazing creativity and art has been poured into this world and is shows in both the work that is produced for it and by the dedication of it's players.

Well, thanks to all of this inspiration, I ended up pumping out a creature sketch for the characters called "Orcs" and after making the drawing I thought it would be a great opportunity to practice my digital painting and to make a value study in greyscale of the piece. As I drew it, in my head I kept picturing the character backlit with a strong, hazy light and atmosphere blowing past him. I also corrected the name of the piece to "The Orc of Draenor" because I found out during research that the Orcs were actually from a world with that namesake so I wanted to be more accurate. Additionally, I found out that they got to the world of Azeroth through a dimensional gateway called "The Dark Portal" so this painting of mine actually kind of works well under that context!

Alrighty! Click here and lets check out the rest of the story about this piece and see the process art, final piece and process animation!!

Click below and lets jump into the process art for 

The Orc of Draenor!!!

Additionally I recently began my first classes at The Oatley Academy and they are part of a series called "The Magic Box." The entirety of the course will be teaching me a full spectrum of creating art in Photoshop. One of the big things that Chris Oatley, the director of the school and instructor of the course, concentrates on is the creation of atmosphere in our art. I am still in the beginnings of the classes but just what I have watched on how he breaks down the building blocks of this method of painting has made a big impression on me. I wanted badly to try it out in this piece and to push it to the extreme as a way of building the intensity of the mood in the art. I really like the way it turned out and I cannot tell Chris and my other muses just how much their inspiration means to me.

Those inspirational artists are listed here so you all can go see more of what they are making and be inspired too!
Chris Oatley - The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling
AJ Nazzaro - The Art of AJ Nazzaro
Fred Lang -
Zijian Yan - Zijian's website

Click on this first image and it will go to the full size of your browser window. Then you can use your arrow keys to advance or go backwards through the higher quality versions of the process art!

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