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Ahoy all!

How are you amazing people doing?!?! I am back with another post here on the DutzWorks blog site!

Wowee! Things have been pretty awesome crazy here lately between the home schedule adjusting because the kids are out of school and the art I am ramping up to work on during the summer. So, here I am to catch yo all up on the different projects, my new Instagram account and to drop a ton of sketches and art to entertain your ole' eyeballs! Lol!

Alrighty, here we go!!!

Ok, to start I want to begin with the big stuff and work down from there and end with a big art drop.

My children's book and the new tag, #MondayMythos

My children's book has been increasing in momentum over the last few months. My brilliant wife helped me a ton with devising a new name because the original was causing concern with how similar it was to other popular properties. I won't release the new name until we are closer to completion but until then you can search on Facebook and Instagram for the tag #MondayMythos and find some work as I update! I will also place some of the recent work below this section of the post so you can check it out.

What made a HUGE difference in my progress was finally nailing down a weekly schedule to track myself on. I figured that Mondays are a great time to begin the week with art updates and that gives me the weekend to work on the art if needed. I began to post a panel a week and have mostly stuck to getting them out on Monday. That had also allowed me to create a clever hashtag that is easy to remember and still relates to the Greek mythology origins of the story, hence "MondayMythos."

I am right about three quarters of the way through coloring the panels and I am actually kind of freaked out about that actually, haha! I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and after having a dry period of almost two years, seeing progress is exciting me. When I first started the book it was based on a project for a class I was auditing from a branch of the school I graduated from. We were assigned a children's book and I pulled this tale from my little idea vault. I knocked out the line work really fast, pencil art is one of my strengths, and then when it came time to start colors....I froze.

I was staring down the barrel of almost 40 illustrations and my weakness with color shut me down....for probably two years. I may have started six or seven of the illustrations and finished one or two but I still psyched myself out and that had me working at a snail's pace. Eventually my wife got tired of me "talking" about the book and not actually working on it and when I combined that honesty with the void I felt I faced my true conviction in the project; I was handling the book like a chihuahua, all bark and no bite. For anyone who knows me they know how dear my wife and my art are to me. When she became tired of me talking about the book I had to face the reality of the fact that I was hiding behind my conversations about it to avoid working on it. The way she and the kids look at me and my projects mean a great deal to me and I had to prove that to them.

That was enough (took me long enough, lol) to push me over the edge and I knew I needed to be a pit bull and not a chihuahua in my approach to the work ethic. I am excited to say that I am making progress about being more of a professional and it is bearing fruit from the effort. We will be thrilled when we can share this project with the world!

Here is some of the art from the story now!


WOWEEE ZOWEE! Instagram is awesome!

Thanks to the suggestions of a coworker and fellow designer, I started an Instagram account for my art and it has been a great experience. I have been sharing art there for a few months now, actually I just hit my 100th post and I am already a short jump away from 200 followers! That is cool!

This is my first experience with this social media platform and there are so many great fans and artists on there and I have had so many kind people comment on the art I post. I am very appreciative of their willingness to share their time and attention with my work, just as I am thankful for you dear reader :)

I have even been making some pieces that I only share with Instagram just so there is something different for that audience from what I may share on my Facebook page. You can find me on either platform by searching for "DutzWorks." I usually tell about the piece on each post and thanks to the way that Facebook handles images, you can find the higher resolution versions of some of my art there!

As a fun note, Instagram has also enabled me to follow art related to one of my new favorite fandoms; the game called "Overwatch!" I generally don't have time to play online games but the art and stories for the characters and settings are AMAZING! The company who created the game, Blizzard Entertainment, also created the "World of Warcraft" property which is about to have a movie come out! I am a big fan of Blizzard art and one of my more recent pieces was my version of a Orc from that series. You can find the story and art about my "Orc of Draenor" piece by clicking here! :)
So, this means that a good deal of my recent pieces have been gaming art related and leaning toward more Overwatch so keep your eyes open for those as I post on my social pages!

The character Tracer from Overwatch:

Digitally painting Tracer on an iPad 4 with the app, Procreate!

And this is my version of the game's character Widowmaker! I think some of my Instagram followers have been waiting on this one! Thank you for your patience!!

Art Drop!!!!

Here we go! Your gift for getting through this huge update is a ton of new fun art! Thank you so much for your time and attention! Please enjoy and have a great day!!

A piece I did for trendy art thing called "Art vs Artist!"

My version of Jason Momoa as Aquaman


My new DutzWorks bookmarks! I made them for this year's Career Day at my kiddos' school.

A fanart of my version of a Pirate Minion!

Until next time, 
Best be to yee', me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Derrick "Captain Dutz" Utz

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