About my Illustration and Graphic Design Freelancing

Hello there and thank you for visiting this page about my freelancing. 

Below is a listing of my capabilities with the disciplines of Illustration and Graphic Design. I am a very excited and willing artist for many types projects. If you do not see the type of work listed below that you are looking for it does not mean that I am not capable. I have learned over my life that because I am knowledgeable in one task, I can use that information and experience to step into many other projects so I am very willing to learn about helping you with yours. Feel free to contact me at my email and we can discuss your goals and how I may be able to help you reach them. I will do my best to return a quote in respect to our discussed projects in a reasonable amount of time also. We all have deadlines and it is important that I help you reach yours.

Basic Studies - Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas

Degree of Applied Arts in Graphic Design - Art Institute of Dallas, Texas 2008, Graduated with Honors.

Illustration -

I am a well versed fantasy and science fiction illustrator and I also have experience with character connecting and design. I am able to incorporate many styles and themes into my art. I also have a strong mechanical understanding and can create art that has a very technical and machine-based theme.

Graphic Design -

I was a professional designer in Fort Worth, Texas for over 11 years. I designed a wide variety of business collateral ranging from business cards to brochure, instruction sheets and trade show graphics.

Design Program Expertise:
  • InDesign - 12+ Years
  • Photoshop - 13+ Years
  • Illustrator - 12+ Years

Apple Keynote - 5 Years
Google SketchUp - 3 Years
(3-D) Concepting Program

Web Platforms
Wix - I have built a number of sites with this platform and look forward to becoming proficient. 

Please contact me if you have further questions or comments at

Feel free to keep this resume to refer to if you need more details!  Again, thank you for your time and visit!


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    1. Thank you for the interest Tbcreation!! Thanks to your request I investigated and realized that I didn't have a RSS/Subscribe feature like I thought I had so I now activated that in the right side bar of the site!

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