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Ahoy Visitor!

My name is Derrick “Captain Dutz” Utz and I like long walks on the I try to remember where I parked my ship! I enjoy cleaning the
barnacle s off my brain and fishing for new ideas as I watch mermaids play
with the things I forget.

By day I am a professional graphic designer in Fort Wort, Texas. By night and
on the weekend, I am the captain of my future with an amazing maiden at my
side and two little buccaneers latched to me legs. I am working on creating a
series of children’s books and many other creative projects and I enjoy to
pursue a challenge, sword fight my fears and fling cannon fire at my


Derrick is a professional designer living in Texas with his wife and two
children. He is a graduate of The Art Institute of Dallas with Honors and
serves as the Sr. Graphic Designer of a major manufacturing company with a 30
year  history of serving their customers. He is working on two major personal
properties of children’s and youth age books and will soon be launching his
first Kickstarter to fund the charity leg of his current children's book

You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
by searching “DutzWorks”

Derrick Utz
North Central Texas in the United States