DutzWorks CTNx Illustration Portfolio!

Ahoy all!

Below is the collection of image I took with me to this year's CTNx animation and illustration trade show! As I go to more of these shows I may use this same page to update you all to the new art that share at the show. These piece will generally differ widely from my main portfolio which shows more of my graphic design work so this would be a great place to share my more illustration-heavy work.

I also wrote a big post with awesome photos from this year's 2015 CTNx show and you can find that here! This year's show was my first and while there I was also helping with the booth for The Oatley Academy of Visual Storytelling so it was a full plate. Additionally, I have not finished as much work as I would have liked this year and I personally know that I am not ready to sell myself as a professional ready to work in the animation and entertainment industries so I just made a basic showcase portfolio to show a broad overview of my work.

I mainly wanted to use it as a conversational piece while there at the show and a great point to grow from into the next year. I will have a better footing for the 2016 show so this coming year is going to be an awesome build up until then!

Ok, onward to the art!

Thank you all for checking these out and if you have any questions for me or about my work feel free to catch me by clicking here to get to my contact page!

Ok everyone! Until next time,

Best be to yee', me mateys!
May the winds be at your backs and friends be at your sides. Blessed be your journeys.

Derrick "Captain Dutz" Utz

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